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This site contains archived materials of the United States National Committee (USNC) of the International Union of Radio Science (known by its initials in French, URSI) community. This includes copies of most of the proceedings National Radio Science Meetings (NRSMs) and Radio Science Meetings (RSMs) that span the period from 1963 to the present. In addition, this site contains the archived abstracts for the Hans Liebe Lecture series that began in 2014, a listing of the Immediate Past Chairs of USNC-URSI dating back to 1965, the formal Meeting Minutes of the USNC-URSI Committee and USNC-URSI Executive Council dating back to 2008, as well as the USNC-URSI Constitution and Membership Information. In addition, beginning in 2021, the archive includes recorded presentations for all invited speakers, as well as information about the first of its kind Women in Radio Science (WIRS) Chapter of USNC-URSI. And starting in 2023, a list of the recipients of the USNC-URSI Awards is recorded.

Although some scientific meetings of USNC-URSI were held jointly with the Institute of Radio Engineers in the 1950s, the first regular National Radio Science Meeting of USNC-URSI was held July 9-11, 1963, in Boulder, CO. The IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society (AP-S; in the early days, known as the Group on Antennas and Propagation) joined in the meeting, and the two groups continued to meet jointly once per year through August, 1973. Starting in 1974, AP-S began holding an annual Symposium of its own, usually in the summer. USNC-URSI has combined with AP-S to make this a joint AP-S International Symposium/USNC-URSI Radio Science Meeting every year since 1974 through the present, except for 2007, when the two groups met separately. USNC-URSI has also independently held a National Radio Science Meeting each year since 1974 through the present.

The links on the left list all of these NRSM and AP-S/URSI meetings, with a link provided if the proceedings are available in the archive. The same information is provided at the links in the left column, but separated by meeting type. For the joint AP-S/USNC-URSI meetings prior to 1999, and for the National Radio Science Meetings prior to 2008, the archives are in the form of PDFs of scanned black-and-white copies of the printed proceedings. For these meetings, the complete proceedings for each meeting can be downloaded in a single PDF. Each such proceedings typically has a list of sessions in the table of contents (and often, a list of individual papers), and many have an author index in the back. For the more recent meetings, a PDF is available for each individual paper in the proceedings. However, it is necessary to look up the individual paper on this Web site before downloading the PDF for the desired paper. While the files for that portion of the Website are available, the interface to the indices has not yet been completed for all such meetings. A more complete archive of these more recent meetings will hopefully be available soon.

Acknowledgments: The help of Ross Stone, Bill Davis, Warren Stutzman, and Gary Brown in assembling this archive is gratefully acknowledged. It would be appreciated if anyone who has a copy of a proceedings shown as missing would please contact Michael Newkirk at mhnewkirk@ieee.org.

For questions related to this site, please contact Michael Newkirk, the USNC-URSI Immediate Past-Chair, at mhnewkirk@ieee.org.